Sit back and B On Track

  • Get personalized SMS & email notifications for every payment made
  • No need to log in to check account balance before payments
  • Don't have to worry if payments went through

What is B On Track?

B On Track is a payment reminder service that helps you stay on track with your personalized monthly payments via SMS and email notifications.

Have you missed loan payments or weren't aware you didn't have enough money on your account? Then B On Track is perfect for you. With monthly reminders sent via SMS and email, you can stress less and stay on track with your payments.

With B On Track, you can:

  • Get notified if there's enough money on your account for your next payment without logging in.
  • See how much you need to pay for your next payment.
  • Always be on time with your upcoming payments.

How do I get B On Track?

Log in to
Scroll to the B On Track banner
Review the terms and conditions and sign the contract

How much does it cost?

€2.99 per month, added to your loan contract schedule.

  • Following the activation of B On Track, the service will notify you of the payments made.
  • The B On Track Fee is added to your monthly payment. The service dee is automatically deducted from your Bondora account balance once per month, along with the loand payment. Make sure there is enough money in your Bondora account to cover your monthly loan repaymeny and your B On Track invoice.
  • B On Track will apply to all of your existing and future loan agreements and will end with your final loan agreement.
  • Stress less and stay on track with B On Track notifications.

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